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Monday, September 28, 2009


Joanie Adams

I just read with thorough appreciation your rant against ebay! Your closing line says it all. Actually, this will be a release for me too as using this electronic garage sale has turned a nice girl like me into a total mafiosa. Case in point, I do sweat the small stuff, I'm just wired that way! I recently sold an item of three solid glass trees to a member. I pride myself on my packing along with my 0 negative feedback. Just my luck, she emails to say one of the trees was shattered. Bare in mind she didnt insure and I didnt require (demand) it. I immediately addressed her problem and refunded her the full (postage as well) amount with an apology. She condescendingly thanked me by relaying her story of how she has received 30 different shipments of glass trees uninsured and never before had one break due to bubble wrap and flat rate boxes. Well, I did bubble wrap them very well and chose a box where shipping charges wouldnt eat a hole in her pocket book. I figured by the next day she would have some positive feedback for my generosity--but noooooooooooh! I had to ask her for it by going Moltisanti all over her! Done with ebay--you bet because this isnt the first time Mrs. Nice Guy has been !@$@ all over. Thanks for letting me rave.

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