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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



I agree with all those. Die Hard is really the enigma. I don't know why it is so rewatchable. Any other action flick, I'm usually fine after one viewing and don't really need to see it again.

But Die Hard has to be the finest action flick of all time.
I'll put Raiders of the Lost Ark in a seperate "action/adventure" cateogory.
And one of the reasons it's so good is it's absolutely fascinating when there is NO action going on. Perhaps, the "action" scenes are even the least interesting part of Die Hard.

As far as rewatchability, a bunch of lesser movies, that are probably not as good "films" as the ones you listed come to mind: The Burbs, Three Amigos, Mr. Mom, The Money Pit, Midnight Madness, The Private Eyes, Cannonball Run, Smokey and the bandit 2, Ferris Bueller, Vacation, Under the Rainbow, one crazy summer, Biloxi Blues, man with one red shoe, Quick Change...

A little better "film" wise: Unforgiven, Dances with Wolves, A Christmas Story, first half of Full Metal Jacket, It's a Wonderful Life, The King of Comedy, Midnight Run, Fish called Wanda, Jaws 1 & 2, Willy Wonka, War Games....


and Defending your Life and Lost In America...


The thing about Die Hard that other action movies haven't seemed to emulate are the odd twists and turns in the storyline along the way.

I mean, what other action movies have the hero and the villain meet each other halfway through in an awkward confrontation where the bad guy pretends to be someone else and nearly gets away with it?

Willis doesn't seem superhuman as the hero... and they do very smart things along the way with him not wearing shoes. They set it up well and use it to its full advantage.


(I had a typo on the word "category" above)

They caught magic in a bottle with Die Hard. The cinematography, the script, the acting, the direction...

Because seperately....Willis has made some stinkers, the director McTiernan has done some stinkers, and was unable to recreate the magic when he returned to direct the third Die Hard...etc, etc.

I should say that I also think Die Hard 2 is excellent and is almost as watchable as the first. Just not as good a villian.


it's a guy's movie - yuk!!!!
now the "Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" is a REAL flick!!!


how about we split the difference and go wtih "A Princess Bride"...


As you wish ....

(Look, I caught a fish!)


it's post 1972 -
and in color

sorry - can't do it!!!!


I feel bad for those poor 1973 black and white films that just missed the cut.


you have to draw the line somewhere and "French Connection" is the cut -

however, "Blue Velvet" "Pi" and "Dead Man" get to cross


Magnolia. Great flick. I'm not interested in seeing Boogie Nights at all.


So you loved his followup to Boogie Nights, but you don't want to see his previous film at all?

Is it a religious thing, not wanting to watch a film about a porn actor?

jilli jo

a feminist thing


Boogie Nights is superior to Magnolia. In the wrong frame of mind I could easily HATE Magnolia.


Tom Cruise's character was so disgusting I turned it off.

I mean I can't stand him anyway


yeah but if you can't stand Cruise, isn't it better to watch him play an unlikable character than a "hero" character?


NO. Not in ANYTHING!!! Can't stand prettyboys OR tough guys!!!!
I like DORKS!!!!

Remember 9-11

I liked what they did to Tom Cruise in Southpark. Now THAT was classic.


pray tell -


seen 'em all!

I agree with the list..
well except JFK

but you're allowed one totally off the wall choice!



No matter whether you believe Oswald was the lone gunman or whether there was a conspiracy, JFK is a well told, well acted, entertaining movie.


From the Workshops class:

Apocolypse Now
Four Weddings & a Funeral
Office Space
O Brother Where Art Thou?


Apocalypse has my favorite scene in movie history as well as my favorite character in movie history.

And Office Space is of course brilliant.



Tell the class that at least one of those will in fact make the shelf of honor.


and that would be office space...

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