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Friday, June 23, 2006



My opinion, even if it was all fake, being friendly is never a bad thing and she was definitely putting a great effort to make us happy so she deserved a good tip.

We've all had waiters/waitresses that don't give a darn. I'd much rather have one that is super enthusiastic than the alternative.

And a part of me feels like she really did enjoy games and was kind of into the whole thing. I don't really think that was fake. Especially when she was all nervous when the results were being revealed and was sitting with US and not any other table, and then went crazy and celebrated when we won. The fact that she shouted it out to the whole restaurant might show she was sincere about wanting us to win. Because if she had been saying that to all the tables, how would it have then looked to them that she was going apesh!t over us and celebrating?


being a former waitress for more years than i care to think about, i can tell you it is REALLY hard to be nice to everybody all the time, and anyone who can pull it off should be rewarded. although, in some cases (though i know it's not the case for you last night b/c i know you and you're not the obnoxious customer type), you have to go w/ the 'kill em with kindness' route if you want any kind of tip at all..
it's a hell of a thing, how you can end up being not nice enough, or too nice, and have your salary feel the effects.. i always went the over-the-top nice route, when in doubt... it becomes almost like body armor after a while...b/c the alternative is to turn into one of those bitchy waitresses who doesn't give an f... and then you can really get screwed.
generally, if they do a good job getting your order right, and taking care of empty drinks in a timely fashion, 20% should be standard.
i'm also glad you brought up this topic for another reason: it always grills my cheese when servers get the shaft when the actual food comes out slow, b/c 90% of the time, THAT is a kitchen issue, and those guys don't work for tips and generally don't give a rat if your food comes out in 2 minutes or 30... something to keep in mind... next time you feel like you're waiting too long and it's the waitress's
fault, measure the food time vs. the DRINK-delivery time..if drinks are coming out quickly and she's checking on refills and such, then chances are good the food is the fault of the kitchen, not her... if you sit with an empty glass or no glass at all for a really long time, then you're not being taken care of.


i don't like happy people


they probably don't like you either.


I see grumpy people.


DVD guy may protest a bit too much about the flirtiness. If there had been a florist open last night, we might have found ourselves in the middle of the War of the Roses III. I kid, I kid.

I saw last night's situation similarly to Buckshot(?). Our waitress did well on the server essentials, and the fun, flirtiness was at least a slight plus. And, I think we were all good tippers, as we were with our server back in the Dockside days.

The waitress who stands out most in recent memory is the one from Tradewinds. Prompt to serve in a crowded room, no nonsense, communicates with a bump, punch, or look, and who is ready to chase your @$$ down the street if it even looks like you might skip on your bill (saw this happen).

Another interesting topic, DVDguy.


People in all situations should be nice for free. I base my tipping on how the wait-person does their job. I can't be flirted into a bigger tip. If a waitress is truly interested in a patron, she'll make it clear, perhaps by putting her phone number on the receipt.


I agree with TheWriteJerry. Too much confusion in the He said She said. Clarity is a plus.


i agree as far as doing a good job gets a good tip, regardless of personality, but sometimes you can tell someone's trying, and they're just having a bad day.. if they're clearly trying, and are pleasant enough, that compensates for the less-than-perfect performance and reflects in the tip.. basically, to get a lousy tip from me, you have to clearly suck, and clearly not care.


The waitress from last night did slip up in one aspect of her flirtation. She mentioned her boyfriend.

And, not only did she mention him, she suggested that we let him join our trivia team.


I'm pretty sure we were good tippers...I think we tipped at about 65% of the bill.

She saw us comin'.


I was a waitress for 9 long years, and I always niced people to death. There can really be some assholes out there, and the meaner they where, the nicer I was, and god it pissed them off. And I LOVED that!!
But anyway, I agree with melanie, TIP YOUR WAITRESS!! People don't get the fact that we only make $2.13 an hour!! Of course the ones that are rude to the guests, don't deserve a tip. You at least need to be nice.
As for the flirty thing, even though I am shy, I did do my share of flirting with the cute guys in hopes of a bigger tip. But I learned, people either tip or they don't, there is not a whole lot you can do to change it.
Another "bigger tip" secret. I would put a picture of my kids in my order book where the customers could see it. Always gave me better tips. I didn't do it on purpose at first, I just wanted to show off mt kids, but then I noticed the difference. It got to the point where afew of the people I worked with asked me to bring in kid pics to put in their books.LOL

Sorry I am rambling, you got on a subject I have alot to say about. I liked waitressing. I actually miss it and if I had babysitters I would go get a job tomorrow doing it!


that's funny! i'd keep pictures of my neice in my book for the same reason! how sad is that? but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. i was a big 'nice em to death-er' too, and i too have a LOT to say on the topic... anna is also right that some people are just assholes and won't tip regardless of how good you are (or not) sometimes i miss it - - it can be fun, but people treating you like garbage, or talking to you like you're an idiot wears pretty thin.. it's a big misconception that waitresses are waitresses b/c they're not smart... truth is, the idiots don't last long.. and are often picked-off by the good ones in the place, b/c one bad apple can seriously disrupt the cart.


Ah, so they only flirt with the cute guys huh?
No wonder the Men of Mind Bullets were getting such attention!


I was nice to everyone, just extra nice to the cuties...

And yeah a dumb waitress doesn't last long. Although I liked when one was in my station cause they where too slow to keep up and I got the tables they couldn't handle! More $$ for me!!
Thats why I did it, where else could I make $300 in 2 days!(at least while keeping my clothes on)lol


oh and I also liked it cause I could get out and talk to grown-ups. I use to say that my Red Lobster time was my "me" time. Loved hanging out and chatting with the customers!


wtf? no update today? ya know, some of us work on saturdays and need some sort of entertainment.


*dances for melanie*


As long as the attitude was polite, I tip solely based on performance, i.e. how long it took for him or her to notice us, take our order, how often they checked on us.


I tip based pretty much on performance, but I have to admit if I feel like the server was "fun" and it added to my dining experience then I might tip a bit more.

Of course the guaranteed way to get a little to no tip.....be too flirty/touchy with my husband--hey I control the tip around here!

Remember 9-11

I'm all for flirting and the occasional lighthearted fun as long as it doesn't go overboard. The service industry people work hard for their cash and if they have to use a little seduction and charm to get a bigger tip I say go for it.
I'm not sure how many people are aware that wait staff usually makes below minimum wage, to the tune of about $3.35 an hour and most of their income is reliant on tips. Alot of times these people bust their proverbial tookas just for that extra buck. My suggestion would be to try and remember that next time you're feeling surly towards the wait staff. One never knows what kind of people she or he had to serve just before getting to your table.

j.scott barnard

I think gratuity should be included in the bill and the whole charade dropped. Beyond that, the idea of being served, at a table, by a waitress, is archaic, inherently patriarchal and the source of much annoyance to both parties. Eating in mid-price restaurants is almost always unhealthy for the customer and demeaning for the wait staff. But if I had to eat out, I'd rather go to a falafel stand or a fish camp than a fern bar.


I made $2.13 an hour in NJ.

I didn't even see a check, it paid my taxes.

Remember 9-11

Well said JSB. Anna did you also have children at that time? If so those tips bought what, a pair of gold toed socks? I agree with JSB for the most part but if you happen to go to one of the varied places that have a waiter/ess that serves, just remember the tip. For myself, I find I have a great deal more fun if they put forth that extra flirt. I find then I have a tendency to smile and flirt right back, {I'm single, I can do that, for those married I wouldn't suggest it.} and enjoy the breakfast/lunch or dinner I'm having.


yes-- 2.13/hr for me too-- in florida, and in ny

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