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Wednesday, August 23, 2006



And I just realized that I've turned into denirogator.


Sounds like a cool guy.


He was, god rest his soul.


Three cheers for fruityness!


White Russians are one of my favorite drinks, on the rare chance I get to go out.


I'm back....

I've come for the fudge...


Hey Dude, your next White Russian is on the house (if you have it at our house). We have all the fixins, as well as a nice little Persian rug that, you know.


The best Sobe is this white milky looking one that tastes like Pina Colada. I swear it kept me from getting sick while I was on chemo (let me believe what I want). Do they still put sayings under the caps? We use to collect the funny ones when I worked at "The Bank".


Yeah I noticed there were weird little sayings under the caps...


Big Labowski rocks - we started bowling and drinking white russians to be cool like "the dude" haven't tried the rug and bowling tape thing yet - maybe we can get JBH to crack the ice - huh?

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