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Wednesday, August 16, 2006



I loved Kirby's part in Spinal Tap.

I'm an anti-trendy person myself, but you can't hate something that is well designed and well marketed just because the masses caught on. And hey, portable porn is certainly a bonus! :-)


The iPod is well designed, and iTunes is incredibly simple. That's all I want out of my entertainment devices... simple.


I knew that generic mp3 would not satisfy you for long. Welcome to the dark side (at least 4 Mackes have ipods - and three have Macs).


You knew and didn't warn me? Some friend you are! You're off the team!



Warning wouldn't help. You have to be ready to change.


What a great performance Kirby had in When Harry Met Sally. Supporting roles like that can ruin a great movie if they're off - Kirby's was spot-on.


By the way, I got a portable MP3 player myself. I got it from Creative Labs, and chose that model because it was supposed to have the best compatibility with Windows Media Player. (I even got it from a site linked from a Microsoft-owned site!) Months later, when I finally got around to trying to use the danged thing, I found it couldn't play WMA files. That was why when my wife decided she wanted a portable music player, I bought her an iPod.

I think we can safely assume 5-10 years, minimum, before Microsoft can really start cutting into Apple's market share in that segment. When the hardware can't satisfy even the modest compatibility needs of your own PC player, the strength of your competitor is in his simplicity.

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