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Tuesday, August 08, 2006



There are hot chicks at those places?


It's like a Hooters for hair.


Funny, I thought that only happened to me, everytime I like the way my hair is cut, I can't find the same hair dresser the next time. Are they on a store rotation or somehting? Now in your case maybe there's something wrong with you since you make the businesses dissaperar.
Just kiddin'


Making businesses disappear is his specialty, especially if he works there.


so a chic in a BIKINI cuts your hair?

i've heard about THOSE places --------

where's the place where young nubile males in loin clothes cut women's hair - i'll go quickly - NOW!


I have that problem with can't finding the same hair dresser, but it might be cause I only get my hair cut once a year...maybe.


Same stylist for 20+ years. Fourth diffrent salon location. Maggie. She did get a new scissors a couple years back. No bikinis, no HDTV. She used to subscribe to the Victoria's Secret catalog for her male customers, but that lapsed a while ago.

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