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Monday, June 12, 2006



Were these punishment honks from the cars? Or somehow they thought they were warning you that it's dangerous to walk on the side of the road or what?


See, this is what I like about you, dvdguy: you make everyday activities, even running out of gas, fun. Well, fun for us anyway, not so much for you.

My wife October ignores her little "almost out of gas" light when it clicks on. She says "Oh that light? I still have, like, 30 miles worth of gas when that goes on." After a pause she says "I need another light that says 'okay, now you're REALLY running out of gas'." Drives me crazy!


Thank your lucky stars, DVDguy. How many mornings start out with two new (to you) hats and a free set of silverware. Plus, there's all the beneficial aerobic exercise. And before you ask, yes, I know what I can do with it.


There was a rather nice looking butter knife I should go back and seek out...


I always used to run out of petrol. Usually on my way to the petrol station though.

Now I have a car where the warning light that I need to fill my tank is followed approx 10 miles further down the road by a big sign saying I have to find the nearest petrol station. Though, I know when this light comes on, I still have another ca.10 miles worth of fuel...



I'm sorry you're having a case of the mundaze. You remember my duct-tape grey Geo that I drove with no AC and windows that didn't roll down? I drove it through 2 pregnancies, in the summer, and it always broke down on my way home from work, at 2 in the morning. I would get honked at too. I don't get Jacksonvillians these days. If you would have been a blonde with big boobs I bet some guy would have carried your car to work for you.


Wow, that's a Monday. Your car has a lot of character. No working fuel gauge OR air conditioning? Where do you think you are, man? Alaska?


Well, the no A/C thing is quite pleasant in the 3 weeks or so of winter we have down here...

Remember 9-11

As the owners of most older vehicles that are still chugging along on the road much like chitty chitty bang bang know, the a/c systems are a unique brand of beast. Usually it starts after this horrific toxin called freon runs out in the vehicle and one finds it's more expensive to convert the vehicle to the more "earth friendly" freon system than it would be to buy a new vehicle. Personally, I think it's a conspiracy spearheaded by Greenpeace...but I digress.
An owner must then find new quirky ways in which to cool themselves. Most discover the system called 4/60. It's economical. This same system works in a variety of many other facets. For example, should a driver find they're running late to work the system doubles as a hair dryer as long as said driver doesn't mind being smacked repeatedly by the umpteen million insect species we have in sunny Florida. On rainy days these same drivers find it can also provide a light shower for those "not so fresh" days.
From my own experience, I've found a sure fire way to beat the ever so tricky gas meter. Every 3 days out of a bi weekly pay period, I stop and place $10 dollars in the tank. In the 5 + years I've been doing this, I've never gotten stuck anywhere as a result of a lack of gas. As an owner of one of these "older models" I refuse to stop driving mine until the proverbial "wheels turn square". I like the quirks. Hope it helps dvdguy.


well, if it makes you feel any better, i was walking home from the bus last week, wearing my mom's raincoat, as we've had almost nothing but rain the last 2 weeks up here, and i am too broke to buy myself an actualy raincoat... myself being a size 6, and my mom being a size you could imagine..the coat's a bit large.. so, as i was walking home, a car full of teenage boys drove by, honked the horn and said "hey look! it's inspector gadget!" and sped off. at first i kind of laughed. then i got mad at what cruel assholes teenagers are. THEN i remembered that when i was in highschool, we used to drive around stealing lawn ornaments, just to choose 1 house to then arrange 50 or so lawn ornaments on in a funny way.. we called it lawnshopping. i now think it was horrible, and would be furious if anyone stole ANYTHING from my property, though at the time there was zero malice intended--just thought the finished product was so funny and clever, and who was going to really miss a plastic duck figure here, or a garden gnome there?
what's my point? doing mean things while in a car as a teenager = very funny... having those things happpen to you as a grown-up = somehow, not so funny.


comment hijacking ahead...

Just to expand on what Melanie said about lawnshopping, we used to "toilet paper" houses with pink flamingos. I don't remember where the heck we got 100 of the dang things (I think a friend of mine had a shed full if I remember correctly), but we would leave about 10 or so at a time on neighbors lawns from time to time. I think that's the worst thing I did as a teenager...but it spawned a great idea. When my dad retired from the Marines and came home for the final time, he had been gone for 2 I made mini signs for every holiday and birthday he missed and stuck them all over the yard...there was a sign in the back of the yard that said "fix the damn toilet". He and the neighbors still talk about it and it's been at least 10 years.

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