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Monday, June 19, 2006



I have to say, that was quick thinking with the roses for all the ladies thing. Pretty good plan b there.


Ugh, I have similar stories to this. I think you and I are tragic twins separated at birth.


I just want to know how the original idea of "ask her out while we're bar hopping" managed to morph into "give her a dozen roses on Valentine's Day". What was the thought process that led from A to B?


First commenter: I thought so too. You'd also think that a line like that would work on the single ladies who didn't have anyone to give them flowers on Valentine's Day. Alas, they barely cared.

Karl: That is tragic. To think someone else out there is as unlucky in love as I've been is sad.

Happy: To be honest I can't remember how I morphed that plan. I think I tried to raise the issue when we were out a few times but I could never get her alone. Then I figured that if I was going to have to do this in front of people, might as well go all out.

Plus, I was working in television, and we were in full "Hey, it's Valentine's Day pretty soon, here's what you can do for your sweetie..." mode and I guess I bought into the hype.


oh boy.. i remember the incident in question. i say you're brave..nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? the only hitch is that when you pull a stunt like that, you have to consider the fact that you're not just throwing yourSELF into the public forum, but you're throwing the object of your affection out there too, b/c then everyone's eyes shift to HER anxiously awaiting her response, which, one COULD argue is even more pressure, b/c it's high-fives all around if she says she too has been loving you from afar, but should she decline the offer, she suddenly becomes the cold-hearted bitch.. kinda like the fellas who propose at huge sports arenas on the big screen - - you'd better be DAMN sure she's gonna say yes--and mean it.. b/c she's then left w/only options: (1)say yes, actually mean it, and be incredibly thrilled and cry and all wonderful things; (2)say yes - just to save face, leaving you all momentarily elated only to be devastated on the ride home when she unleashes holy hell for putting her on the spot like that and throwing the lousy piece of metal back at your face, and effectively crushing you, AND you might not ever be able to go cheer on your team live, b/c of the rush of painful memories sparked every time you enter the arena; or (3)-say no, and be instantly demonized by tens of thousands of booing fans.
gotta think these things through...


Well, I had considered that. But she seemed like a cool enough chick, and I really expected her to say yes.

I mean, look at me, there's no reason to say no to all this.


point duly noted.


I should give Melanie her props in this situation by the way. She was working on things "behind the scenes" from the time I sent the email to the time I got the "friends" response.

Better luck next time, Mel.


go team!


Hey I like that idea dvdguy. Next girl you ask out, do it at a Jaguar game on the Jumbotron!!
It will make a GREAT blog post!


I hate flowers. You have them for a day or two and then they die. What a waste of money. Get me a plant instead.


So you're saying if I'd gotten her a fern she would be my wife now?


Probably not, not many woman share my views on life. I am not good at being a girl.


I'm with you, Anna-- it's depressing when the flowers die... and I'm not so good at the girly-girl stuff either. :-)


Glad I am not the only one!! I've always been a tom-boy!

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