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Tuesday, November 04, 2008



yes... sarah palin, go back to the little hole you came from


I wouldn't call the governor's office of Alaska a "little hole", but perhaps you have a more impressive resume, Bob?


I think Bob may be speaking of the Pit of Ignorance in which Palin obviously wallows. I'm sure he meant no offense to the fine state of Alaska.

And as for Palin? Good riddance. I'm just afraid that we've not seen the last of her yet.


"I'm just afraid that we've not seen the last of her yet."

Just by the way she sets certains segments into hysterical derangement compels me to support her reemergence in the near future. She's already proven herself savvy on energy and Alaska-related matters. She was not ready for national exposure. Given time, she'll prove to be a powerful reformer.

And wasn't it Biden, our Vice-President-elect who thought FDR spoke on television in 1929? ...Hamas won an election in the West Bank? etc...

I wish Obama the best of luck and will be praying for his continued success, unlike the opposition clamoring for Bush or Clinton's head on Day F***ing One of their administrations.


Count me in the "certain segment" in the throes of "hysterical derangement."

As a woman and a mother to two daughters, Palin is an appalling excuse for a role model. I want MY daughters to see that a woman can be smart and powerful without pandering to the Joe Sixpacks of the world via cutesy winks and flirting.

If that's deranged, so be it. I stand by my opinion.


"And wasn't it Biden, our Vice-President-elect who thought FDR spoke on television in 1929? ...Hamas won an election in the West Bank? etc..."

Flubbing something you know and not knowing it in the first place are two entirely different concepts. Palin was not ready to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. That's not her fault, but she's the personification of the issue.

Sarah Palin "represented" everything that's wrong with the Republican party, and the reason I hope she goes away is so the Republicans can regroup and make themselves stronger again. Spirited debate is what government should be. Not name-calling, race-baiting and general buffoonary.


"Palin is an appalling excuse for a role model."

I expect that's just your political bias. Even I allude to her not being ready for president in my previous comments. I'd prefer Dianne Feinstein to be our first female president. (some of her conservative positions on defense you'd no doubt find "appalling") But to claim that a woman who took on special interests within her own party and became governor of a major energy producing state is a poor role model seems extreme to me. She's not all winks and smiles, unless you've only gotten your information from SNL and Jon Stewart.


"Spirited debate is what government should be. Not name-calling, race-baiting and general buffoonary."

I agree with that statement 100%. I followed the race pretty close and don't ever recall Sarah Palin race-baiting. Can you be more explicit about that? Provide a concrete example of her race-baiting please? Here's an example of a prominent Obama supporter race-baiting when talking about Palin, perhaps that's what you meant.


Claims of race-baiting at Palin rallies have been thoroughly debunked.


I'm not saying she literally DID all those things. I'm saying she personifies all of the negative things the Republicans did this election cycle, whether she actually did them herself or not. She's the scapegoat.


Fair enough. I'm looking forward...to looking forward. Peace. --s


Come ON, jsb... now you're just insulting.

I just quizzed my 18-yr-old re: Africa's status, and I'm pleased to advise that *she* knew it is a continent-- unlike your poor, confused, Sarah:

(oh and just so it's not a party issue-- this link is from YOUR beloved Fox News)


I'm glad Obama won. Period.


"poor, confused, Sarah"

Your criticizing Palin for something that was spread in a vicious whisper campaign that she's refuted vs things Biden has said that are fact. There are plenty of comments you could criticize Palin about without resorting to the ones that are made up.

"YOUR beloved Fox News"

I try to watch Britt Hume but CNBC is my channel. Save your stereotyping...

"I'm glad Obama won. Period."

I'm praying that he will succeed because he will be my President. I look forward to seeing his family grow up in the Whitehouse and look forward to seeing how Obama faces the challenges ahead. We live in interesting times.


It appears as though the Africa story may have been a hoax:



Leslie, I am a month late to the debate but wholeheartedly agree with you. It has nothing to do with political sides. I would have been equally offended as an intelligent woman had Sarah been the Democratic VP nomination. Sarah was simply incompetent on every level, and I am proud that she will not be the first female representative in the executive branch. Just for the record, my 7-year old son knows Africa is a continent also...

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