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Friday, May 30, 2008



her tears brought you great joy? in this situation nobody wins man, you should never celebrate somebodies tragedy. One day te tables might turn and you may find yourself easily in a similar situation. We are supposed to all be civilized and look at children for what they are- and if you are going to tell me shes an 18 year old adult... dont tell me you never did anythng when yuou were 18 you didnt do at 17- and NOBODY experimented with drugs in the 60s too right?


Uh... what?

If I ever find myself in a similar situation where I'm a heartless douche who steals girl scout money from a 9 year old, you have my permission to laugh at my tears.


The next one gets off with probation. Since she's a juvenile 6 months in a drug rehab that her parents put her in 4 months ago is good for her apparently. The media focus is on the blonde so no has heard what she had to say. There will be no cameras in the court for her so the state attorney and judge have nothing nothing to prove. Someone should send the YOUTUBE clip to Polly McFadden, state prosecutor and Judge Moses Baker where the redhead is slurring her words saying she knew the money was in the enevelope and she wanted it. It doesn't seem fair to put it all on the girl that drove the car.

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