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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Stepford Mom

I just saw something on tv the other day about call centers for Wendy's drive throughs because they were more accurate with order taking than the kids inside the place, I wonder if they're using them as well?


That's funny. I wrote a comment letter to the Taco Bell down the street sometime last year praising the fact that they had a very friendly drive-thru. It's much better than pulling up to a drive-thru and hearing "Yeah, what do YOU want?", or worse yet, *cough*Popeye's*cough*, nothing at all for a good 2 minutes. I'd rather someone in a drive-thru be perky, happy and uplifting than save 10 seconds and be served by a miserable grouch. It rubs off.

I was having a really bad afternoon the day I decided to roll change to get that dang taco and I left in a MUCH better mood.

PS...if you are done with your order, you might want to say "that's all" or something like it. They work in fast food, not at a psychic hotline.

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