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Tuesday, November 06, 2007



Feeling a bit full of ourselves today, are we? Just had to happen with the 'year of Chuck' attacking from all media outlets. I know, I know it's just a service to new readers.

Anyway, if someone really wants to get the full sense of you in the blogosphere, it would be much more better if you included the comments from your ltrs (long term readers). A little love for the ltrs goes a long way, maybe.

And by the way, where is the famous 'nice guy' post that recorded 30+ responses, and the'Chuck waxes poetic on the evils of drinking' post that continues to generate conversation to this day?

Maybe it is the readers and not the blogger that ought to vote on what goes into 'classic Chuck'!

What about it fellow ltrs?


The link to each classic post contains all the original comments from the era. Check out one and see for yourself... they're all there.

I'm not sure of the "nice guy" post of which you speak. What was that one?

And the controversial drinking one is indeed on the list. It's called "The Brave Little Blogger".


Figured it out. The post JBH refers to is called "Every Dozen Roses Has Its Dozen Thorns" and it's directly above the aforementioned "The Brave Little Blogger" on the list.


That was fun! But guess what? You still owe us the second "roses" story...


Guess what? No I don't...

10 Years Later, Dozens of Roses Still Have Dozens of Thorns


Shit, you're right. Sorry...


There was mention of another installment.

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