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Friday, October 05, 2007



Even "Turn the Page"?


I don't know what that is...


Bob Seger song:


There's a Mr. Clemons on line 1, who would like to speak with you.

You can certainly have a great rock 'n Roll Song without a Sax, but the Sax lifts any number of Rock songs to greatness. The trading of Riffs between Sax and Guitar is a peak rock experiencee. To jsb's excellent example, let me add:

Can't you hear me Knockin - R. Stones

Heat is on - G Frey

Baker Street - G Rafferty

Numerous songs in the catalogs of Chicago, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Huey Lewis, et al

Hell, if Air Supply had a couple of righteous horns in the band, even their stuff might have sounded good.

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