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Thursday, October 25, 2007



Douchebag or no, I have a ginormous problem with tasers in general. They can cause DEATH in people with undiagnosed medical conditions and people with medical conditions that would be invisible to the naked eye.

Death is not an acceptable punishment for the crime of being a jackass.


I understand your taser concern. I do. But suppose pepper spray had triggered his death due to an undiagnosed medical condition. Or a kick to the groin ended up killing him. I'm not saying taser everybody. What I'm saying is that this guy is not a hero. He wasn't illegally arrested, and the use of force was justified by law.


Compare the numbers of people who have died from tasers vs. those killed by kicks to the groin or pepper spray.

The dude is not a hero.

Tasers are dangerous and not an acceptable risk.


An ACLU study from 1995 concluded that roughly 1 in every 600 people who were pepper sprayed died.

A very recent study by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine concluded that 99.7% of the people on the receiving end of a taser during the time frame of the study had either no injury or mild injury.

The woman who died recently at the airport in Phoenix after struggling with police might still be alive had she been subdued with a taser instead of violently thrown to the ground and cuffed with a knee in her back.

There is no magical solution to this. The best response is, don't act like a jackass and you won't get a response that might expose your undiagnosed medical condition and kill your dumb ass.

That's not to say there aren't bad cops out there who taser people to death, because it does happen.


I actually understand your point and I completely agree with you.

I doubt this report will reach the people that use this turd's case as evidence of a police misconduct. If it did, I doubt it would convince them of anything other than what they already believe.

There are people out there that realize the video only captured one moment and not what happened before or after. There are also people out there that understand police do use logic and actually THINK about how to handle a situation while in it instead of just going around shooting off tasers for the hell of it. I doubt there are many of these people, but I think they are out there.


I just think the video is hilarious.

And the guy is a douchbag.

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