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Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Honey, look all you want. Seriously.

Now if touching becomes an issue, my best advise to you? Is to run. Really fast and REALLY far.



That's right. I *WILL* look all I want!


No worries on the ticket, You were good company.

We should have added another warning. The high upper deck location is not only closer to the sun, but way close to the F-15 full-afterburner flyover. That will melt through the SPF-70 like a hot something through whatever.

Now that you mention it, there did seem to be quite a few ladies present on Sunday. I was just checking for Math teachers in the crowd.


I was at the Jags game too.

In fact, I just wrote a review of what I thought was the worst game I've ever seen. http://3pointdog.com

The Jax fans are pathetic and most of the women in my section needed to put some more clothing back on those bodies. I'll be back later this year for another game, but only because I need another shot at taking some pictures of the retard circus.


I miss the retard circus every damn year.


Oh and I am sure you don't care, but I saw on some news show that the FDA ,or whoever is in charge of sunblock, can't test for more then a 50 SPF. So the ones over that can't be proven to work better. I don't know why they can stll sell them. I have a short attention span and was only half watching the show...LOL.

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