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Thursday, January 25, 2007



I am not trying to excuse Nabisco. But if they were made with Trans fat previously (which I gather makes things yummy, but is bad, bad, bad) they may have bowed to pressure and changed it for that reason.
I have no excuse for them and the shapes, that's just wrong.
actually I agree about the ingrediant change, and just put a warning on it, that's just why they may have changed it.


Nice. I'm happily reading your letter, nodding in agreement, and then I get to the "ass cancer" part and almost choke to death on my orange juice.


I found this on the web:

"Beginning November 2006, the “Nabisco Flavor Originals Vegetable Thins Baked Snack Crackers” will be reformulated and will now declare soy protein in the ingredient listing on the label. The new product packaging will also say “Great New Recipe” to help alert consumers that there has been a change. Consumers are strongly encouraged to read the labels on the products before every purchase, as formulas (recipes) do change from time to time. If there are any questions about this product, please call (800) 622-4726."


hmmm, how does Soy protien = great?
just a personal unneeded (and no, I have no idea how that is spelled, it might be right, it might not) opinion on soy products.


So did you call the 800 number?

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