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Monday, November 27, 2006



believe me - it will be worth the wait!!!!! VERY NICE!!!!


Slurpee sized cup holder - Check!

Nice choice. Consumer Reports seems to like it. They say to try and get the ABS (said to be hard to be in short supply on this model).


Adding ABS to the car is a quirky thing. If you add it to the configuration on the Nissan website, it removes anything else you add. Even the sunroof.


i want a sunroof!!!
what are ABS?


Congrats!! New cars are the only way to go, I hated buying other peoples problems.


I'll never buy brand new again. The depreciation isn't worth it. Next time I'm buying at least a one to two year old model (that's still under warranty) from a dealership I trust.


You can't rain on my parade, naysayer. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows... la la la.


I'm not raining, just sprinkling my 2 cents. Everyone has to make their own mistakes. ;)

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