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Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Hey man, your "The car is here!" key is stuck.

Congrats. What color? That must be a helluva DVD collection!


Oh, I need to get a can of compressed air and clean out the keyboard gunk. Sorry about that!

The colors you see are the colors of my car. Blue Onyx (dark blue) with beige cloth interior.


Sharp! DVDGuy stylin' and profilin'.


Now I need some rims and some neon and some hoochies...


Hey, congrats! Um... yeah, I know you don't know me, but can I borrow the car this weekend?




woop woop woop - when is the official viewing?
can i bring the mud flaps?


I heard your car was here. Is that true?

Matthew Makous

One day is about the right amount of time for a trade, unless they came up here to the Pacific Northwest for it (in which case, it would be more like two weeks - took me over three hours to drive my 40 minute drive home from Monday Night Football).

I'm PSYCHED on your behalf. Nothing's as much fun as a new car, properly equipped.

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