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Tuesday, September 19, 2006



Over yonder?

Over yonder?

Your roots are showing. :-)


Oh my god ya'll. I reckon I had no idear I said "over yonder". Heavens to Betsy...


Slevin merits the JBH palme d'popcorn award. Not great, but a very interesting web. I'm sure that will clinch your decision to take a look.


JBH, that seals the deal.


you're starting to cross over to the other side - arf arf arf!!!!!!

maybe it's a sign of old age -

at our house we OFTEN watch to same movie EVERY night for weeks - it's amazing the little things you catch the 423rd time - manfred calls them irrelevent but i get a fuzzy feeling from them -


I adore Swimming with Sharks.


I will be the last person to give undue credit to Jennifer Love Hewitt's acting ability, but she's SOOO easy on the eyes, and her interview persona is adorable and seems real.


I watch Jennifer Love Hewitt movies only on the faint hope that at some point she'll either be running, or jumping up and down.


I've watched Lucky Number Slevin, United 93, The Proposition, The Big Bounce, Must Love dogs, The Sentinel, The Goebbels Experiment, Swimming Pool, RV, and Inside Man on DVD recently.

Lucky is entertaining, but it seemed obvious to me what was going on the whole time, so the "reveal" seemed anti-climactic.
There's a couple deleted scenes with Willis I would have kept though.



Must Love Dogs? Swimming Pool?

Must be a woman to blame... either that, or you've lost your fear of your feminine side.



I seriously doubt CRD "watched" some of those. They might have been on in the background while he wandered around his house doing tasks.


I actually "watched" all of the ones I listed.
Now something like Silent Hill, Alfie or Lost, yeah, shove in while wandering around doing tasks.

Every now and then there is a good romantic comedy. Serendipidy and Bridget Jones were good.

And I simply can't resist a naked Charlotte Rampling. (swimming pool)


Remind me to slap you the next time I see you for (amongst other things) using the words "Bridget", "Jones", and "good" in the same sentence.


Bridget Jones: the book was hysterical, the movie disappointing.

And leave Charlotte Rampling alone.


You too LDC.


Oh, don't even try to pretend that you read the book, Mister. And my sentence did not contain the word "good."


Hey, I read.

And "good" and "hysterical" are interchangable in this instance. Anything praising Bridget Jones...

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