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Monday, July 17, 2006



I'll check it out.
But this line
>> I do eat grits, okra and liver pudding.<< Is rather disturbing...
LIVER pudding? mMMMM!


A seminole that eats liver pudding? I'll pass.


Bonanza Jellybean

Any gator-hater is a wonderful person in my book.

And liver pudding? It's like sausage, but finer, and you mix it with eggs or grits. I have NO IDEA why they call it liver, because I don't actually think it's made from liver- just everything else. It's definitely a southern thing. If you'll eat a hot dog, you have no room to judge. :)


Is liver pudding in any way similar to liver mush?

My NC relatives bring a brick of the stuff whenever they come to visit-- you slice off a slab and pan fry it, serving with eggs or on a sandwich with onion.

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