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Friday, July 28, 2006



Your last couple posts about trivia have kinda focused on the negative.

We missed only two questions! Not too shabby!


Also, people are probably going to think you have no clue that Mike Tyson is not actually Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island.


My last two posts have simply expounded on the details of the answers we missed. Since our team misses very few questions, I chose this route because explanations for all the right answers would be much too long of a post.

The quote that I used for the title of the post matches the photo, which then ties into our final question. I don't care if no one gets the connection, as long as it makes sense to me.


There, I made it a little clearer.


Ricardo Montalban has a nice rack.


I think it's wierd when guys shave their chests!


Do you have any pictures of tattoo's rack?


Our friend Gunther is having some fun with user ID's again I see...


I think G.I. actually stands for "general infantry"


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