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Friday, June 02, 2006



That wasn't a bad movie with Jeff Daniels. I can't remember why, but the teacher is this respectable guy who decides to help his students cheat on some big huge test.


Yeah, the movie was good. But the movie actually dealt with the consequences of their actions. It didn't glorify cheating at all.



Just wanted to say hi and that we have a site name in common.



Ugh, yeah, that guy at trivia sounds incredibly annoying. Sad, anyone that is fighting (cheating) that hard to win at local restaurant trivia has got to be trying to brush major insecurities under the carpet. I love trivia. Useless crap seems to be the only thing my mind is good for.

Remember 9-11

I feel cheated myself. Here I was hoping to read that LDC gave uncle fester a mommystick lashing.
Why did you have to regain control of your drinking habits so soon dvdguy!!? WWHHYYY!!?

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